some more information on who we are, our loft and the pigeons we breed

In 1924 grandfather Louis Daelemans began keeping racing pigeons, starting a family tradition that would continue for (at least) three generations and more than 85 years. During those decades, various locations, lofts and bloodlines came and went, but the love for the pigeons remained. All those years in the heart of pigeon sport make for a lot of interesting stories, contacts with worldfamous fanciers and friends. Read all about our history by clicking right here or on the picture.

Probably just as important as the history of our loft is to know what’s inside that loft: our pigeons.

We have a very nice Janssen Arendonk and Meulemans collection; two bloodlines we are considered to be experts in. However, that doesn’t mean we stop at that. Pigeon sport is always on the move as new bloodlines prove their worth in the competition. So our lofts are also home to several other important strains, such as Soontjens, Jan Aarden, Van der Wegen and De Rauw-Sablon/Aelbrecht. Click here or on the picture to discover our catalogue.