More than 90 years of experience in pigeonsport mean a hell of a lot of contacts. So if you want to visit Belgian Champions and reinforce your loft with their pigeons, we are the key to open all doors for you. We can organize your visit and take care of shipping your purchases. More than 30 years of sending pigeons all over the world ensure your birds will arrive in top condition. Unable to come over yourself? Just contact us with your requirements and we’ll take care of everything.

Of course you’re always welcome to visit our own loft as well. We are well known for our excellent Janssen Arendonk collection out of the most famous lines. Continuing the legacy of this legendary strain is the main goal of our breeding efforts. We always have stock at affordable prices if you want to reinforce your own breeding loft.

If it is information you’re after, you’ve come to the right place as well. Jump to our current articles at left or browse through our archive and Karel Meulemans’ acclaimed biography. More than 40 years of journalistic expertise, gained by producing numerous articles for Belgian and international magazines guarantee an interesting read.

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More than 90 years of pigeonsport experience at your service, as pigeon brokers, breeders of top quality birds, journalists, authors and coordinators of the South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race.





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